Investor Relations

MANCO is privately held corporation incorporated in India and licensed by The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. MANCO has adopted comprehensive systems of control and accountability as the basis for the administration of corporate governance. The Board of the Company is committed to administering the policies and procedures with openness and integrity, pursuing the true spirit of corporate governance commensurate with the Company’s needs. To the extent they are applicable to the Company, the Board has adopted the Essential Corporate Governance Principles.

In pursuit of best practice in corporate governance, the Company is pleased to make the following information on its corporate governance practices available.


  • Board
  • Audit Committee

Policies and Procedures

  • Code of Conduct
  • Selection and Appointment of New Directors
  • Performance Evaluation of the Board, Board Committee, Individual Directors and Key Executives
  • Selection, Appointment and Rotation of External Auditor
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