Training & Testing

What is the practical assessment process?


MANCO will impart training to potential candidates for assessment of their respective trades.

This assessment involves two stages:

  • Competency profile assessment - where documentary evidence of your training and work experience is reviewed; this helped to determine your skills and knowledge and included advice on if you should proceed to a practical assessment
  • A practical assessment conducted in one of the five countries listed above.

Competency Profile Assessment

You need to provide the following documents to progress through to the practical assessment.

  • Application form
  • Work references detailing your experience for a minimum of 3 years
  • Qualifications
  • Licenses
  • Trade evidence form completed

Practical Assessment

The practical assessment involves:

  • A series of practical work-based tasks that demonstrates to our assessor/SMEs your trade skills and how closely they align with the country you are being deployed.
  • A technical interview where the assessor will ask you a series of questions specific to your trade; this is designed to find out the depth of your trade knowledge and how you apply that knowledge OR a written knowledge assessment depending on the requirement for your nominated occupation.

For example, you may be asked to outline your work experience in the trade, describe the sequence in completing a particular job, or explain what you would do if you were faced with a problem or a difficult circumstance in a job.

The person conducting your practical assessment will be a qualified trade skills assessor/S

I have worked through MANCO and went to the USA on a major project as a first class welder. They provided me an excellent opportunity where I learned a lot and made lots of money. They are the best source for skilled workers. I would recommend them to everyone. Now I am going to Australia to work - thank you MANCO!!!"
- Chander Mohan
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