Company Overview

MANCO is the one of the premier recruiters and providers of foreign skilled workers worldwide. With its dedication to providing highly qualified candidates and have developed supporting organizational structure for a full range of services, it gained interests and remarkable impressions among clients. MANCO has a worldwide network which deployed 30,000 workers since the late 80s to places like USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore and Malaysia. MANCO operates its global worker recruitment network through its offices in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Philippines and India. Rigorous training, standardized testing and screening procedures of candidates are adopted to assure that MANCO is sensitive to the staffing needs of the clients most particularly before, during and after placement.

Over the years, MANCO has developed expertise across a wide range of areas focussing on the successful recruitment of candidates. Our success has been proven time and time again through the satisfaction of our clients by the placement of suitable candidates.

We aim to provide our clients with a total packaged solution to ensure their staff retention and ultimate success.

Our Edge

Large Pool of Reliable Labour
We effectively find and attract the most suitable candidates from local, national and global labour markets. MANCO employs comprehensive recruitment strategies, supported by effective targeted campaigns of marketing and advertising, to identify and attract suitable potential candidates for specialised jobs. We maintain an active database of between 8000 to 10000 skilled workers with global experience at any given time, fully qualified and prepared to work, ready for your company to choose from. We are also proud to let you know, we have one of the highest staff retention ratios in the industry: MANCO’s ability to do so stems from the fact that we can identify the best candidates possible, hence we are able to provide you with the most consistent and sought-after skilled workers in the industry.
Local Expertise
Having had extensive experience by having been at the forefront of the recruitment industry for over 20 years, MANCO will allow you as a client to benefit from unmatchable nodes of local knowledge, networks and cultural awareness. We are committed to the belief of forming long-lasting relationships with clients around the world based on both integrity and efficiency. We ensure our client enjoys considerable savings, as MANCO works hand-in-hand with our local offices to maximise local content within their projects where optimal.
Workforce Mobility
From our decades of experience in managing talent pools, MANCO’s workforce candidates are ready to be mobilised at short notice to fulfil client needs at one or more geographical location at the same time. Our efficient logistical team clears the administrative process of placements and logistics of mobilisation (including but not limited to candidate contracts, visa, medical and security needs), allowing our skilled staff to be on site when required, as we understand that their timely presence on the ground as a valuable professional resource determines our clients’ success in work operations.

Also, MANCO has our own professional in-house Immigration Department that deals with immigration procedures and integration. As specialists in the field of expedited immigration logistics, we are capable of turning candidates into a large mobile workforce, accompanied by a comprehensive local content strategy for each job or project.

Candidates Competency and Skills
MANCO knows that a worker’s competency is not only determined by his skills and experience. Our company’s recruitment algorithm selects candidates who not only possess the capabilities to fulfil the client’s desired tasks but can also appropriately fit into each client’s company culture, environment and management style. We have a steady flow of highly trained, well-qualified candidates who can meet the clients’ demands for academic or technical standards such as excellent IELTS scores. Our assessments greatly accommodate our clients’ requirements, and are devoid of any cultural or gender biasness, ensuring any competent candidate will not be left out of the loop so that he can be prepared and become ready to serve our clients.
Employee Adaptation to Unique Work Environments and Cultures
At MANCO, we understand that employees have to fit into the work culture at each workplace and that the environment of each workplace changes according to circumstances. Our recruitment methodology fundamentally identifies and matches the best man to his best job and work environment. Critically, the individual candidate’s job competency and relevant set of skills are assessed (observable/quantifiable characteristics of each individual), inclusive of having sufficient technical knowledge as well as the practical demonstration of skills and behaviour that would contribute to higher efficiency in the workplace. MANCO ensures that employees are motivated, highly productive and are able to communicate clearly with English wherever they work, be it in Australia, USA, India or other locations.
A Large and Experienced Team of Recruiters
One of MANCO’s strengths lies in the fact that we have a great supportive team of recruiters around the world working with us. Our staff are highly experienced and carefully trained to ensure that our clients get the greatest amount of satisfaction and results from working with them. Easy proof of this comes from their results. MANCO’s recruitment teams, usually working within their dedicated disciplines for maximal efficiency, are able to effectively advertise and headhunt hundreds of suitable candidates within a short time span. They also subject resumes through rigorous and proven processes to determine if a resume has enough merit to be submitted to a client, for the client’s best interests.
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